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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new website for Southern Dental. If you've seen other dental websites you may notice something a bit different about ours. We use virtually no boring stock photography you buy online. Instead all the photos of staff and patients are from the practice. In addition it features advanced features such as a patient portal, virtual consult, and real live chat. This website was created by us without the use of an outside firm. We used an advanced website editor to create the site and to maintain and update it going forward. If you've ever priced out a small business website designed by an outside service you know how expensive they are. Using Wix we saved a lot of upfront costs and we don't have to ask permission to update it - we just do it ourselves! In addition we avoid the template look that a lot of professionally designed websites have because, well, they use templates! Instead I believe our site really shows who we are and what our business is about. Please explore the site and leave feedback below!

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